Wandering Warriors Rugby is comprised of active duty, reserve and veteran service members. We also are open to DoD employees, all first responders and to civilians who would like to play in honor of any of the AFOREMENTIONED. We do not discriminate or turn anyone away due to age, race, gender identity, rank, religion, creed, service connection, or disability



Our Story

Our story starts with 'Cal Russo'  a US Army Infantryman, and an active Rugby player for 30 years.  He had an idea of a place for military Rugby players to come together free of inter-service rivalry, and united for a common purpose.  Cal has been involved in charity work for the homeless and realized the staggering number of Veterans who find themselves in a tough situation, and it's something that  doesn't just effect one service, but all of them.  According to the National Alliance to End Homelessness in 2016 over 39000 Veterans were homeless.  Which is a decrease in recent years but veterans still remain the most over represented population of people on the streets.

Finally Wandering Warriors is about Rugby, which is one of the fastest growing sports in North America for men and women alike.  This organization provides a place for everyone, a home team if you will, for fellowship, friendship and so much more.

Our Warriors will don a new uniform of sorts and fight on a field of battle along side one another to raise monies for charity, and bring awareness to Cal's worthy cause. 

Not All Who Wander Are Lost.  Wandering Warriors Rugby.  Tackling Veteran Homelessness..